Backpacking for Back to School

Every year my girls get super excited about their backpacks for the year.

We’ve literally been through every style!

Sporty ones, Sequins ones, Mini ones , Trendy ones... each year has to be different and level up the last. No joke!

When I saw this beauty - I knew it would be a hit - I mean you can never have too much confetti around our house (and it’s self-contained?!, Thank You Lord!)

Sugargirlee & Co.

It's super sturdy, clear vinyl filled with custom confetti mix and cushioned, adjustable pink straps. We LOVE it! It really is a celebration that you can carry with you everywhere.

Now the only thing, with everything currently as it is, we may be homeschooling this year....and so, the backpacks may have to be used in some other fun ways. But It’s all good.

My hubby and I are still going to do our best to make them feel the celebration and excitement they would usually get from the first day back to school.

First thing on the list - the confetti poppers!

Sugargirlee & Co.

This is such a cute ( and eco-friendly) way to make going back to school feel a little bit brighter for our kiddos and cheer them on for the year ahead.

There's still a lot of anxiety and wonder out there - and we just want to let them know, even in some small way - that it will all be ok.

We grabbed a few extra of these goodies to share with our confetti lovers out there so feel free to take a peek at these lovelies in our shop.

We are all in this together - September here we come!

What are your plans this year for back to school?

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