Celebrate Everyday: A little encouragement for your Balloon Business

Working in a field where spreading happiness is our everyday occupation, we know that there are many business owners that are feeling a little down. Our service industry is in the unique position of bringing joy when sometimes the world around us is speaking a different


We know that these times may be challenging and uncomfortable for many of us, but we wanted to give you some encouragement as you continue to work through the present "normal" of your business.

Steven Jones of Balloon Designers, Seattle, USA, gave his perspective on this situation:

"Good morning, everyone...with everything going on in the world right now, I just want to offer up a couple of thoughts.

1. For everyone affected by the COVID-19 issues going on around the world, you are NOT alone. The entire "gig economy" is feeling the impact of this situation, and believe me, if you aren't already experiencing cancellations and the like, you probably soon will be.

2. Remember that this can always be worse...yes, you might be experiencing a lot of cancellations and the like, but you could also be in a hospital bed somewhere suffering from this disease, so let's put things into perspective.

3. Breathe...and know that this WILL pass. Think of this like a storm...yes, it's going to do some serious damage while it's here, but it will eventually end and the sun will shine again.

4. Harsh reality time...let's be VERY honest with ourselves...we have invested and embraced a line of work that ultimately no one NEEDS. At the end of the day, what we offer is a luxury service that serves no other purpose than to inspire emotion.

Now, let me be clear...I'm not saying that's not important...not at all, or else I personally wouldn't be doing this. But at the end of the day, people need food, people need shelter, people need heat and clothing...they don't NEED an air sac of latex sculpted into the form of Baby when economic times like this occur, this IS going to happen.

And it will happen again one day...and it will happen again after that. It may not be viral related, but economic downturns are a part of life. You HAVE to plan for those in the future.

5. On the other side of this, call it pie-in-the-sky-optimism, but the reality is some of the worst times in our business careers are actually huge opportunities in disguise. Sure, a lot of us are losing revenue, but you're also gaining something you've lost a LOT of...and that's time.

USE THAT your business, organize, clean, take on that project you've been meaning to get to or he**, reconnect with your family and loved ones that you never get to visit with because you're constantly working. USE this time to your advantage as opposed to feeling sorry for yourself and the state of things.

6. Never forget one thing...that you are you realize what a bad a$$ you are? You are one of the very few people in this world that had the strength and fortitude to create a business. You have done something millions and millions of people only DREAM of doing...and you did it! You're driven, you're motivated and you're succeeding in ways others will never, ever know...

And you know what else? Just think about this...when people want to celebrate the greatest moments of their lives, their highest achievements and their most precious of memories, they think of YOU to share in that joy. Your gifts and your talents make their moments better, and they seek you out to bring joy into these major milestones. Your works are something they will carry in their hearts and minds for as long as they live....and that's something you should be proud of, regardless of the current state of things. 

So take a moment to catch your breath and absorb what's happening. Then remind yourself of who you are and why you do what you do and keep moving forward.

You've got this! 

And you know what else? When this is all over, the whole world is going to be ready to celebrate! So get ready for that too!!

Thanks for listening " 

To echo Steven's perspective, YOU'VE GOT THIS! WE'VE GOT THIS! Use this opportunity to do and be all the things to the people around you. Spend quality time with loved ones, love on yourself and others around you ( in a socially responsible way of course ), work on those business ideas you have been putting off due to lack of time, reach out to an industry friend.

Be present.

We will get through this xo,

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