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Tropical Theme Party Ideas | It's The Island Theme For Me!

Ok, so who else just looooooveeees all things tropics!

Being in the midst of our winter months and with limited travel ability, it really makes one long for all things warm and sunny.

We felt all the warm feels with this beautiful balloon installation by Lakeisha of Sharpe Designs by Lakeisha.

Whether you're hiring a balloon stylist or trying it out on your own - this tropical balloon installation is simply stunning and sure to be the focal point of your event decor, whether indoors or outside.

Balloon Styling Tips:

If you are styling a similar installation on your own, remember that texture and depth is Everything!! If you are going with a singular colour scheme (in this case, green) try to have a good depth of colours and sizes within your garlands (eg: 3-4 shades of green, and 4 - 5 size variants).

Get in the Mix!: Complete your garland with a mix balloons that have different finishes.

Add satin and shiny finishes for a nice contrast and confetti balloons for some added fun.

Add a POP: Why not add a pop of something extra to your decor?

Faux Palm leaves or Monsteras are a great way to tie in the tropical element to your balloon decor, and bring your tropical theme to life!

Interested in hosting a tropical theme party? Be sure to check out our tropical party products to make your next celebration a breeze!

Happy Celebrating!

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