Up and Away: How to Masterfully fill a Ceiling with Balloons

Who doesn't love a good ceiling balloon installation - we sure do! But truth be told, in the beginning it was a little bit hard to figure out exactly how many balloons you would need to fill a ceiling. If you fall too short, you have a sparse, spaced out look with balloons seemingly sticking to the ceiling bottoms up (no thanks maam!) We want full, all out impact please and thank you!

So what's a balloonist to do?

Well, let me tell you! You don't have to do it alone. We've been there and poured through countless resources and this one by far is. the. BESTEST!

From our own balloon-hero CBA, Chris Adamo of Balloons Online, Sydney, Australia, may we introduce his ever so clever balloon calculator.

You can input your ceiling dimensions, how much of a fill you want for your ceiling (some people may want the sparser look) as well as different sizing options using 11, 16 and 36 inch balloons. He is such a great resource for inspiration to our industry and this little gem needs to be shared! (PS, you may just find some other great resources over there as well - just sayin')

We'd love to hear how you use this tool for your next event!

Beautiful Bedroom Ceiling Balloons


If you are going for a more spread out look, try to keep groups of balloons beside each other to pack them in and keep the bottom of the balloon from tipping upward.

Assign a balloon buddy or two!

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